My teaching areas include theatre and art history, dance studies, performance studies, and gender studies. I look forward to teaching a variety of praxis courses based upon my training at the Moscow Art Theatre School and professional experience performing for artists like Meredith Monk, the Trisha Brown Dance Company, Marina Abramović, and Jérôme Bel. I have experience leading large lecture courses, small seminars, online courses, and teaching undergraduate and graduate students.

I am currently teaching at the University of Minnesota and have also taught at Macalester College, the University of California, Los Angeles, and University of Southern California. I was awarded a competitive Collegium of University Teaching Fellowship (CUTF) in 2015. This course focused on the ways theatre and dance has been presented in museums and exhibitions beginning in the 19th century through the present. I successfully applied for a teaching grant that supported field trips to museums and guest lectures with leading scholars and curators.

In addition to my teaching experience, I have assisted in undergracurricular design. I was hired by the UCLA Theatre Department to re-imagine the undergraduate theatre history course focused on 1500-1850. My syllabus framed the time period through increasing globalization and colonial projects. Case studies draw attention to how performance served as a mode of resistance on the part of oppressed communities and also as a means of re-inscribing the values of the empire.

Below find a list of my designed syllabi and a complete list of the courses I have taught.

Teaching Awards

Collegium of University Teaching Fellows | University of California, Los Angeles (2015)


20th Century Theatre History | Undergraduate course on 20th century theater history

Playwriting | Undergraduate course on play analysis and playwrighting

Global Theater History | Undergraduate course on global theater history, 1500-1850


Critical Theories in Studio Practice | Department of Art, University of Minnesota (Spring 2018).

Graduate Forum| Department of Theater, School of Theater, Film, and Television, UCLA (Fall 2016).

Performing the Museum| Taught through the Collegium of University Teaching Fellows,  UCLA (Spring 2016).

Teaching Assistant and Temporary Staff

Introduction to Dance as an Art Form | Glorya Kaufman School of Dance, University of Southern California (Fall 2016).

Introduction to Theater (online) | Department of Theater, School of Theater, Film, and Television, UCLA (Summer 2015).

History of the American Musical | Department of Theater, School of Theater, Film, and Television, UCLA | (Winter 2015).

Making Traditions | Department of Theater, School of Theater, Film, and Television, UCLA | (Fall 2013 & 2012).

Reconstruction: Theatrical Pasts | Department of Theater, School of Theater, Film, and Television, UCLA | (Winter 2014).

Deconstructing Theater | Department of Theater, School of Theater, Film, and Television, UCLA | (Spring 2015, 2014, 2013).